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Carpark and In-store Advertising


Greens Supermarkets have partnered with Cowfish to provide unique advertising opportunities within their stores and car parks in Swieqi and The Duke's shopping complex in Gozo.

The supermarkets are open daily including weekends and public holidays with over 2000 daily visitors and over 5000 on weekends and public holidays. 


The advertisement opportunities are ideal to promote product sales and mass media campaigns alike.  

greens faccatta.jpg




Digital Screens located at strategic points leading to and within the store

Follow me floor and hanging posters

Escalator's glass next to entrance and exit of the supermarket

Parking column posters

Parking entrance/exit ramp billboards

Stores in parking billboard


Parking entrance ramp giant billboards 

Parking entrance billboards left-hand side leading to lifts 

Store doors  (inside parking)

Parking Exit giant billboard & posters

Parking column posters 

Parking Lift wall billboards

Trolley bay billboards

Instore digital screen above escalators







Greens supermarkets are visited by over 2000 people per day per store during weekdays and the numbers double during weekends and on public holidays. 

greens swieqi screen.jpg


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